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DMS4.0 – It's great to have a new system, but how do you ensure a smooth transition?

Gateway transitioned all her customers successfully to DMS4.0 within 6 months.

The transition to the new Customs Declaration System DMS4.0 is known as a major change for logistics. To guide our customers as smoothly as possible through this transition, we have taken this project as seriously as possible.

DMS stats

We have transitioned to DMS 4.0. And faster than we thought!

The introduction of DMS 4.0 marks a new era for processing import, export, and storage declarations in the Netherlands. Despite the challenges of the pandemic and numerous technical obstacles, this project started in July 2022 with companies working with storage declarations. Companies making import declarations began in 2023, followed by companies handling both import and export declarations. On April 12, 2023, we migrated our first client to DMS4.0 and by the end of October 2023, we had successfully migrated all our DMS clients, and we are quite proud of such a smooth transition, as it was not an easy task.

A road with many bumps

The transition to DMS faced many challenges, including stricter data requirements and more complex data details compared to AGS. Especially with issues around veterinary and phytosanitary permits and declarations with preferential origin, we worked closely with involved parties such as Customs and the NVWA. And even now, there are sometimes declarations that can’t be processed in DMS at all and must be sent in using AGS. An issue that even Customs has no solution for yet. You're not alone 😉

Good preparation is half the battle!

Thorough preparation was essential for our success. Ever since the announcement of DMS4.0, our product team closely followed the updates and developments and developed a detailed step-by-step plan. We kept our customers informed through knowledge sessions, training, and extensive documentation, and during go-live days, we offered intensive support and carefully monitored the use of the customers. This has led to all our DMS clients already transitioning, with a total number of DMS declarations of 53,367 sent in as of October 31, with a success rate of 97%. A very nice interim result, if you ask us.

Your Experience with DMS 4.0

We are curious about your experiences with the transition to DMS4.0. Are you already working with Import, Export, and/or storage declarations in DMS4.0, or do you regularly have to go back to AGS? Or would you like to know more about how Gateway can streamline the transition to DMS4.0 for you? Feel free to contact us for more information.

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