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All customs services

Import & Export: AGS & DMS4.0

Gateway features completely automated customs declaration prodcution for import & export, smart and powerful validation that helps you mitigate functional and customs mistakes, and a system that is in the Cloud with the highest efficiency, stability, and security.

e-Commerce customs

DECO, VENUE, PGTS, IDMS H7 or any other e-commerce customs product? Gateway has them all. No matter how large your volumes are, Gateway can handle it with speed and efficient, and a real-time overview of all goods statuses. 

Bonded warehouse & RTO

A bonded warehouse or RTO gives you the opportunity to store goods with deferred payment of import duties or other levies. With Gateway's Entrepot Administration, you can easily and efficiently manage non-Union goods and you comply with all the administrative obligations of the Customs. The application of goods can be carried out automatically, after which all reports required by the Customs can also be supplied.

Transit: NCTS

On Transit arrival you can scan the MRN number and send the document immediately. All goods data are then directly linked to the Entrepot administration. A flawless process! At Transit departure, you will find tools to ensure fast settlement. With our smart, built-in tools, the chance of additional assessment by the Customs is minimal!


There are special requirements to transport and store the excise goods in the EU. It's mandatory to send a EMCS document to the Customs for this purpose. One of the strengths of Gateway is that, you can always reuse the data in Gateway, and generate automatically an EMCS document, saving you abundant time. Furthermore, from your ECMS declarations, you can reuse the data for other declarations, such as an Export declaraiton. The reuse of data across diffrerent customs systems save you time and largely decrease potential mistakes. 

DMS 4.1 & Auditfile

DMS 4.1 will replace the current GPA and SPA. This has big impacts on several processes of the IIAA permits. Gateway is well-prepared to provide our current clients and new clients a smooth and safe transition to the new DMS. Our Bonded Warehouse is integrated with DMS, and new functions such as presentation message, additional declaration, Auditfile Stock can all be automatically generated in Gateway.

Local Clearance Procedure - IIAA

In Gateway, you can easily place goods in the other customs regulation, such as those of the IIAA (Entrey in the Declarant's Records). Placing the customs goods in temporary import, or bonded warehouse, or bringing goods into free traffic, all of these are automated in Gateway. 


Depending on the role you play in the supply chain, you may need to deal with different forms of ECS. For example, if you Trader@Exit (the exporting party), you can easily make a arrival notification in Gateway and send this directly to the Customs. You can also send the electronic manifest at exiting.

Fiscale Representation

Gateway can complete all administartion related with Fiscale Representation, and does it by reusing all information from declarations. You can also easily create an overview of information that is required for the VAT declaration or for your clients. 

MID/MED (Portbase)

With the MID & MED functions of Gateway, you can easily send electronic notifications to all the sea port terminals. Based on your wish, Gateway can also send all relevant information to Portbase after receiving the release message from the Customs. After the pre-declaration, you canalso send the messages to Portbase in Gateway. The proces is fully automated in Gateway.

PCTS (Cargonaut)

The PGTS function in Gateway supports you in sending all necessary messages to the PGTS system of Cargonaut and to register movements of goods in your RTO. 

Client PD/GGB (NVWA)

In Gateway, you can send all import control requests for PD and GGB through a direct interface with the NVWA. When you want to make a customs declaration, Gateway will automatically generate the declarations with the data of your NVWA requests, or vice versa. Our principle is to reuse any data that you once import in Gateway everywhere that is possible.

Once the KCB (Quality Control Office) as assigned by the NVWA completes the control, you will receive a document for the executed work. Gateway can read in the document and match it with the expected costs. 


You can also send directly IDEP declarations in Gateway. Gateway features templates for your processes and can also make reuse of the existent data, really advantegous and time-saving. 

Interface KvK

Would you like to make a CVO, ATR, EUR1, or maybe want to legalise your invoice, all of these can be swiftly completed in Gateway. 

Flexible interfacing

No more manual work, no mistake, and lighting quick editing of your data? This is possible with the strong interfacing function of Gateway. Gateway is very experienced in interfacing with many systems such as ERP or WMS. For many systems in the market, Gateway has standard specifications for the interfacing, but we can also make, test, and implement new interfaces for you. The interfaces can be made via methods such as API, CSV, XML.

Provision (Single Window)

In Gateway, you can send notification of the provisioning for a ship, and automatically receive a confirmation of export in case of re-export. This is completed in Gateway through an electronic message for both the sea and air freight processes. After the sending of your document, you can also further handle everything digitally. 


In Gateway, you can easily send the CVB pre-declaration as well as the arrival message to the Customs. This can be combined with the MID function for Portbase in Gateway. 


Gateway supports CID (Comfort Information). In Gateway, you can request the latest customs exchange rates, validate the EORI or the VAT numbers with the Customs, including the VAT-deferment based on Article 23. 

DTV validation & calculation

In Gateway, you can conduct DTV validation before sending your declarations to the Customs. This validation can be performed on the declaration level and the whole manifest level, very efficient for you. Furthermore, Gateway can also pre-calculate the customs duties and other charges such as VAT, allowing you to control it first before sending it to the Customs. This function can be combined with the Customs Deposit Guard in Gateway.  

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