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Bonded Warehouse

Bonded Warehouse

A bonded warehouse gives you the opportunity to store goods with deferred payment of import duties or other levies. With Gateway's Entrepot Administration, you can easily and efficiently manage non-Union goods and comply with all the administrative obligations of the Customs. The administration of goods can be carried out automatically, after which all reports required by the Customs can also be generated.

You can always have an overview of the statuses and values of your bonded goods. Bonded goods can only be stored if the prior arrangement is done and the writing off is only possible if a Transit or Import declaration is linked as a subsequent arrangement.


On Transit arrival you can scan the MRN number and send the document immediately. All goods data are then directly linked to the Entrepot administration. A flawless process! At Transit departure, you will find tools to ensure fast settlement. With our smart, built-in tools, the chance of additional assessment by the Customs is minimal!


In RTO (Space for Temporary Storage), bonded goods can be stored within a period of 90 days. Gateway supports all kinds of functionalities of Cargonaut's PGTS (Paperless Goods Tracking System). With Gateway, you can easily exchange logistics information at and around Schiphol without physical documents such as T1 and store bonded goods in RTO.


A simple, efficient and safe process.


It is clear from start to finish what happens and has happened to Customs goods.


Dutch Customs greatly appreciates the overview this creates!

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