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Import & Export

AGS & DMS 4.0

The Customs wants to process your AGS (soon DMS 4.0) declarations as effectively and quickly as possible. With Gateway you can achieve this. Gateway features smart validations, supports diverse interfacing, and always works with a single database. No more manual work and fully automated! 

Smart validations

Smart validations and checks to prevent errors

Enter data once

Enter data once and use it anywhere using one database


Import your declaration directly, in whatever file format, from any another system

Gateway AGS's solution in a nutshell

Validations and checks

Send multiple declarations at the same time

Guarantee monitoring

Automatic processing of the OGA, including the creation of any difference rules

Add external documents to the electronic file

Portbase interfaces

Easy to handle Re-export declarations

Manage tax agreements

Request customs exchange rates

Request business and security information

Automatically request EORI numbers in Brussels

And more…

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