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Finance is an inseperable subject when you handle customs activities. There are duties, taxes or other charges to pay, and you need to manage your customs finance not only with the Customs, but also with your clients. With Gateway, your data is reused to the maximum, and your financial settlement is fully automated. With one click, you can send out invoices to all your clients with well-organised attachments.

Client tariff management

The strength of Gateway’s financial services lies in its complete integration of operational data and your tariff and tariff scales. You can set up all the details of your pricing model and tariffs of your services. Each time when you perform a service for your client, such as making a clearance declaration, or when you receive a payment request from the Customs such as import duties of a particular shipment, Gateway will administrate them for you. You have therefore a very clear overview of customs costs due by your clients. Costs such as administration fees can also be automatically setttled with your clients in Gateway.


With simply one click at the button, Gateway will automatically calculate all the costs due by your clients and send out invoices directly to them. The invoicing can be done weekly, monthly, or per order, simply as you wish. The costs include all the customs duties, taxes, and other charges, as well as your service fees. Not to forget the clear overview of the declarations or documents that you have done for your clients. 

Match customs invoices

In Gateway, you can easily request for an overview of completed declarations (OGA) from the Customs in Gateway. Are you having doubts about the duty & taxes charged by the Customs? Gateway features a strong customs finance management mechanism and is able to administrate all the costs you have paid to the Customs and match them with the OGA of the Customs. If anything differs, you know you won’t miss it with Gateway.


Gateway also supports e-invoicing, which is in a format that can be easily read in by the operational accounting systems of your clients. All the costs are organised in a good order.

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With one click, all your invoices with attachments are prepared and sent to clients.


Standard tariff or individual tariff for your client, direct invoicing or via interfacing, all is possible at Gateway.


Clear overview of the expected customs costs and profits. Never surprise.

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