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Customs E-commerce Software

Gateway's customs software automates both the customs e-commerce process, DECO, and the mass e-commerce export process VENUE. With Gateway's E-commerce solution, large B2C and B2B e-commerce volumes can be handled swiftly, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for your customers. Upon sending the e-commerce manifest, you immediately receive a real-time overview of all customs declarations with their corresponding statuses in Gateway.


With DECO, customs declarations can be submitted for e-commerce shipments up to €150. The IOSS scheme facilitates the import duties exemption and the VAT pre-collection process from the end consumer, speeding up and simplifying the customs process. Gateway is one of the first customs software providers to support DECO and IOSS, making it easy to clear millions of e-commerce shipments per month. The Gateway Cloud provides dynamic scalability, ensuring readiness for peak times without extra costs. Goods data can seamlessly be imported via interfaces, enabling thousands of DECO declarations to be created and linked to a large manifest within seconds. The entire process, from data import to clearance, typically takes 4-7 minutes, making Gateway a fast and efficient solution for customs e-commerce handling.

Automatic Split to DMS Import

Gateway can identify and consolidate your DECO declarations in your manifest. When shipments have an intrinsic value above €150, Gateway automatically generates a DMS customs declaration with information from the manifest. Packages with commodity codes not allowed in DECO, such as excise goods, are also automatically created in DMS. Gateway offers scenario functionality to automatically fill in declarations based on specific situations, significantly speeding up the process. All data is automatically validated in Gateway and can be accompanied by warnings for potential data-related issues. Even a pre-calculation of import duties and VAT (DMS) is possible, so you know what you or your customer should pay before submitting.

PGTS of Cargonaut

The PGTS feature in Gateway allows users to send necessary messages to Cargonaut's PGTS system for registration in the TSF (Temporary Storage Facility). This feature is fully integrated into our DECO module for handling B2C e-commerce shipments, allowing DECO declarations and DMS import declarations to be processed all in one. This significantly speeds up and simplifies goods traffic. Simple transfer between participants with or without TSF at Schiphol is enabled, and shipments are tracked through the various TSFs for clear traceability. This prevents unnecessary document works for Customs.

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Large volumes

Gateway handles large volumes with ease, without additional resources required from your organization.

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Dynamic scalability

We do this through our Dynamic Scalability System that responds to the situation.

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Very stable

A very stable system that you can always rely on!

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