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With Gateway's e-Commerce software you can easily handle large volumes and ensure a smooth and efficient process for your customer. After submitting the declaration, you will immediately receive a real-time overview in the system of all declarations with the associated statuses. If the consolidated value per recipient is higher than EUR 150, an AGS/DMS Import declaration is automatically generated for you. 

In addition, Gateway conducts automatically the HS-code check. When HS codes are restricted and may not be used in DECO or IDMS H7 stream, Gateway also automatically create AGS/DMS Import declarations for these specific shipments. 

Paperless Goods Tracking System (PGTS)

The PGTS function in Gateway enables users to send the necessary messages to Cargonaut's PGTS system for registration in the RTO (Space Temporary Storage).

The function is fully integrated in our DECO module, the module for handling e-Commerce shipments. This enables us to handle both DECO declarations and AGS (later DMS4.0) Import declarations under one roof and to take over the data from the PGTS registration and to keep all data used as clean as possible. All this simplifies and speeds up freight traffic considerably!

The benefits you and your customer:

  • Easy transfer between participants with or without RTO at Schiphol
  • Shipments are tracked through the various RTOs
  • Clear agreements on the legal aspects
  • No unnecessary information request from Customs

More about e-commerce?

Gateway supports not only e-commerce import declarations, but also a series of supporting data validation and reporting functions for your e-commerce customs processes. Are you interested in knowing more? Read our latest blog about our solution for e-commerce customs here

Large volumes

Gateway handles large volumes with ease, without additional resources required from your organization.

Dynamic scalability

We do this through our Dynamic Scalability System that responds to the situation.

Very stable

A very stable system that you can always rely on!

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