22 december 2021



With Gateway's DECO and VENUE software you can easily handle large volumes and ensure a smooth and efficient process for your customer. After submitting the declaration, you will immediately receive an email with a clear overview of all declarations with a FYCO. If the consolidated value per recipient is higher than EUR 150,-, an AGS Import declaration is automatically generated.

Large volumes

Gateway handles large volumes with ease, without additional resources required from your organization.

Smart upscaling and downscaling

We do this through our Dynamic Scalability System that responds to the situation.

Very stable

A very stable system that you can always rely on!

Gateway can handle all forms of DECO and VENUE

DECO Import B2C

VENUE Import B2C Light for non VAT/Duties rules

VENUE Import C2C

VENUE Import C2C Light for non VAT/Duties rules

VENUE Export

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