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EMCS 4.0 Update: Digital Revolution in EU Duty-Paid Transport

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Navigating the complex world of EU excise goods transport? If you've been relying on the Excise Movement Control System (EMCS), prepare for transformative changes. As of 14 July 2023, the Horizontal Excise Directive (EMCS) enters its next phase. If your operations still hinge on older platforms or emergency procedures, this is a golden opportunity to pivot to cutting-edge customs software solutions, such as Gateway, designed for streamlined electronic declarations and efficient excise goods transport.

EMCS 4.0 and the Digital Leap: Insights You Can't Miss

Step into the future with EMCS 4.0, a monumental shift in the European excise goods transport landscape, debuting on 13 February 2023. At its heart? A commitment to digitising duty-paid goods transport, demanding transporters to embrace digital registration methods for both excise suspended and duty-paid consignments.

Challenges in early automation stages birthed an interim emergency procedure for duty-paid goods. Yet, this is set to sunset on 14 July 2023. For peak efficiency and compliance, channel your duty-paid goods declarations through Gateway. Already a user of alternative customs software? It's time to dialogue with your software vendor about the dynamic capabilities of the new EMCS.

Forge Ahead with Gateway: Future-Ready Solutions for Excise Movement

Holding licences like "excise warehouse", "registered consignee", or "registered consignor"? Consider broadening your scope with "certified consignor" and/or "certified consignee" to stay ahead. For a deeper dive into this, please consult at the Tax Authority's website

Gateway Unveiled: Your All-in-One Suite for Excise and Customs Procedures

For businesses on the hunt for resilient, future-proof customs solutions, Gateway stands out with a holistic offering tailored for excise goods transport. Experience seamless integration and automation across all customs procedures.

Eager to transition to the premier customs software aligned with EMCS 4.0? Don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is poised to guide you through every step.

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