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Gateway cloud services in Microsoft Azure

Working in the Cloud is reaching to the top!

Gateway is a leading customs software developer since 1980. In 2020, we launched GWITC© (Gateway in the Cloud). In 2022, Gateway started cooperation with Microsoft Azure. Many of clients work now on Azure and benefit from its dynamic strengths.

GWITC is our fully-automated customs software in the cloud and offers functionalities to handle all customs processes: from import to export, from cross-border e-commerce to excise and different procedures and certification.

But what are the true strengths of Gateway in the Cloud?

  • Security: Gateway provides you with extra security due to the MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) and IP-listing of Microsoft Azure. Both you and your clients can fully rely on Gateway when it comes to data security and compliance regulations.
  • Efficiency: All your data is in the cloud and is accessible from different locations or by different users, departments of your organisation. Gateway can also manage the limitations on accessible data based on the individuals or positions within your organisation.
  • Stability: The guaranteed uptime of Gateway is 99,98% per month. This is also the guaranteed uptime of Microsoft Azure. All updates of Gateway will be communicated and confirmed in advance with our clients.
  • Scalability: The Gateway Cloud features dynamic scalability, making Gateway fit for both small and large companies. Even when your volume drastically increases such as due to the peak seasons of cross-border e-commerce, your dynamic Gateway Cloud will expands itself accordingly to support your operations.
  • Latest version: Thanks to the flexibility of the cloud, all our cloud clients enjoy always the latest version of Gateway after release and the free APK (Gateway Application Management). The customs world is constantly changing. With Gateway, you always work on the latest version and comply to the latest customs regulations. Thank about the transition to DMS 4.0 and DMS 4.1 as an example. Gateway Cloud makes your transition to DMS swift, secure, and smooth.

And what makes GWITC stronger than the rest?

  • Cost friendliness: Gateway offers a variable pricing model, which consists of the fixed monthly costs for the cloud & modules, in addition to the monthly usage (PPU). Je only need to pay for what you use.
  • Ownership of data: Gateway provides every cloud client an individual SQL database with all rights protected. You literally have your own database in the Gateway Cloud, which is very different than the most software providers.
  • Back-up: The servers of GWITC are located in the Netherlands and West Europe. Gateway makes every night back-ups and supports your back-up process. In the event that anything happens with the standard live server such as natural disasters, Gateway can recover your data from the back-up server in a short time.
  • Reporting: Gateway is very powerful in managing your cloud data. You can easily generate a variety of reports that are required by the customs regulations or wished by your clients.

It’s not only about data security and performance stability. The full automation is where GWITC really strong in.

  • Data transition: With all your data in the cloud, Gateway can automatically generate declarations from the previous procedures. For example, Gateway fills up AGS/DMS declarations from your data in PD or GGB processes, AGS/NCTS declarations from your bonded warehouse administration, AGS/DMS declarations from your DECO manifests, Transit Arrival from your Transit Departure, just to name a few.
  • Master Table: Your master data such as client details are of course accessible with protection by users within your organisation. After one-time import of your master data, Gateway can automatically fill in the information from your Master Table and even execute data validation.
  • Integration: GWITC is fully integrated with the other processes with NVWA (The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality), Portbase, Cargonaut, and CoC (The Chamber of Commerce). To reach the maximal automation, Gateway can automatically send out your declarations to these organisations. That’s how Gateway becomes your all-in-one solution for all the customs processes.

Would you like to know more about our cloud services? Then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Gateway Christmas in the Cloud

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