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Prepare for the CVB
From 1 October the Container Release Message

To date, mismatches have regularly taken place between the Declaration for Temporary Storage (ATO) and the further AGS declaration, and many items on the ATO remain untreated. If an AGS declaration is not accepted, the cargo may not leave the terminal and you can imagine what kind of delay this will cause in the logistics process. Let alone the fines that may be handed out.

The stricter control will focus on:

– the reference to the ATO

– whether the number of packages and weights of the AGS declaration are correct

If these data do not match, you will receive an error message and the declaration will not be accepted.

What can you do as a declarant to prevent this?

– Further declaration refers to the correct BL number

– Gross weight on the declaration matched with that on the ATO

– Number of packages on the declaration matched with that on the ATO

– AGS declaration may only be submitted after the arrival of the ship (ATA)

You will be most accurate when you submit a pre-declaration plus application notice after arrival. A pre-declaration can ensure that any errors are discovered in time, so that the further AGS declaration can be submitted completely and correctly and mismatches can be prevented.

With Gateway's Customs Software you can really automate this, so you don't have to worry about it, especially on weekends.

Give us a call if you want to know all about it.

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