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Find out all about e-commerce customs in Gateway


Do you handle e-commerce packages sold from outside the EU? Do you want to be entitled to the exemption of customs duties? Gateway offers an all-in-one solution for your e-commerce customs activities, which can largely simplify, automate, and accelerate your whole e-commerce logistic process.  

Let’s start with DECO

DECO (Customs E-commerce) and IOSS (Import One Stop Shop) systems were introduced on 1st July of 2022 to cope with the rapidly growing cross-border e-commerce. In DECO, you can submit your customs declarations for e-commerce goods with an intrinsic value up to € 150. The IOSS procedure exempts you from customs duties, and simplifies the management of the VAT payment in different EU countries.

Gateway is one of the earliest customs software suppliers to support DECO and IOSS. In Gateway, you can easily import millions of e-commerce packages in high efficiency. Thanks to the Gateway Cloud environment, the software performance is dynamically scalable. In e-commerce high seasons, Gateway is ready to handle the soaring-up volumes, and in low seasons, you do not need to pay for the use in the peak times. The data can be seamlessly imported through standard interfaces from your other systems. Thousands of DECO declarations can be made in just seconds and organised under one large manifest. Within 4 to 7 minutes on average can the process for such a large manifest be completed, from the data read-in  to the clearance, as rapid as a racing car in handling your e-commerce customs.

In addition to the IOSS procedure, Gateway supports also the non-IOSS e-commerce procedure and the procedure of “Goods from one individual to one individual” (max. value € 45). No matter IOSS or non-IOSS, Gateway can always handle your e-commerce customs with the greatest speed, letting you and your clients excel.

More than € 150 or unsuitable HS-codes?

Gateway identifies and consolidates your package. If a package exceeds the value of € 150, Gateway creates automatically an DMS declaration with the information from the manifest. The same goes with commodity codes that are not allowed in DECO such as excise goods, for which, Gateway also makes DMS declarations. Furthermore, Gateway features a scenario function which automatically fill up your declarations depending on specific scenarios. This also accelerates the process.

Data validation is also a strong advantage of Gateway. In Gateway, data are automatically validated. Warnings will pop up if potential mistakes are detected. A list of potential missing or wrong data is generated before you send your declarations to the Customs. Moreover, Gateway supports the DTV-validation function so that you can directly see if certificate codes are missing in advance. This validation is supported not only per article, but also at the level of declaration and even whole manifest. Your import duties and VAT can also be pre-calculated in Gateway, so that you know the amount that you need to pay for the relevant declarations.

Not to forget: e-commerce export

VENUE is still in use for e-commerce export and also import from the UK. In addition to import, Gateway supports of course also VENUE for e-commerce export. After the introduction of DMS (Customs Declarations Management System) next year, VENUE will be replaced by DMS. Gateway is well-prepared to provide our current clients and new clients a smooth and safe transition to the new DMS system.

Of course, return is an important part of the e-commerce logistics. Through the DMS Export in Gateway, you can also collect the pre-paid import duties and taxes if you need to export your e-commerce goods out of the EU.

Easiest way to send goods to RTO? PGTS!

Do you possess a RTO (Temporary Storage of Goods) permit? Do you want to use PGTS (Paperless Goods Tracking System) of Cargonaut? With PGTS, you can easily transfer e-commerce goods to your RTO without complicated administration in the transit system. Gateway is a certified customs software supplier for your PGTS process.

The PGTS function for import is completely integrated in Gateway. With one click at your e-commerce manifest in Gateway, you can immediately send all messages to Cargonaut, such as pre-notification, inbound, breakup, build-up, outbound, and correcting messages. Through the PGTS function in Gateway, you are exempt from the administrative requirements required by NCTS (New Computerised Transit System), and save a lot of time.

Real-time overview and flexible reports

Is it possible to have a complete overview that coordinates so many different systems including DECO, VENUE, PGTS, DMS, and so on? Yes! Gateway can always show the real-time statuses of your e-commerce manifests. You can even select your wanted data and let it generate a report for you. Think of a report of e-commerce declarations that require a physical control (FYCO), a status overview of all goods, or a report of payment requests from the Customs (DMS), etc. Many standard reports are automatically created and sorted under each manifest in Gateway, which can of course be sent to your email.

Do you want to know more about e-commerce customs and how Gateway can support you? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

We look forward to becoming your partner in customs software!  

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