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Gateway’s 40th year anniversary celebrated in Berlin!


Gateway is now 42 years old! While we couldn't celebrate our 40th anniversary due to Corona, we went to Berlin in 2022 for a big celebration. 

Gateway with Blue Man Group

Why Berlin? This is the city of glamour and rubble with a rich and turbulent history. Berlin was the stage of revolution, the ruins of bombing, but also a rebuilt metropolis. Innovation, dynamism, speed, the combination of history and adaptability, they are the characteristics of that city, and also of Gateway.

Founded in 1980, Gateway is already deeply rooted in the Dutch logistics sector. Over the past 42 years, Gateway has continuously strived to provide the best customs software, and to be a trustable partner for our customers. Thanks to the efforts of the whole team, Gateway has already become a leading customs software in the market.

In September, the Gateway team flew to Berlin. In the 3-day outing, we explored Berlin. Following the steps of our tour guide, Dennis Behnke, we have found so many hidden gems of the city, and listened to all kinds of stories of the priests, the believers, the Prussian kings, the fascists, as well as the socialists.

The team-building activities were especially fun. Together as a team, we sprayed on the real Berlin Wall and created our graffiti masterpiece. It is titled "Gateway, 42 Yearz!" To explore the city like a true East Berliner, we hopped into the authentic Trabi cars, and drove around the city in a safari! Through the time driving in the Trabi cars, Gateway was all in the spotlight.

Gateway 42 years graffiti on the Berlin Wall

It was a great trip with lots of laughter, teamwork, history, joy, and of course, lots of drinking of Berlin beer. At the height of 207 meters, we dined together while enjoying a beautiful overview of the city in the evening. In the sky, we had a tremendously beautiful dining experience. This Berlin TV Tower was built in the 1950s and always stands proudly as the highest building in Germany. Our team is also proud of our history, our software, and especially our customers, with many of whom, we have worked with more than 30 years.

At Gateway, we are proud to become “Your leading partner in customs software.”

Gateway Photos in Berlin

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