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Gateway Sports Day 2023 Champions Revealed!

Funny game, Padel!

Anyone who knows Gateway is familiar with the legendary "Gateway Game Evening". But we do a lot more together these days! Last month we had our most sporting event of the year, the Gateway Sports Day! A day full of sports, fun, competition and team building.

The day started with putting on the bright red T-shirt with our logo designed in white and blue, just like our mascot Marnix. Red stands for dynamism, passion and modernity, while blue symbolizes trust, experience and loyalty. These colors represent the strength of our company, our colleagues, and of course everyone always knows where to find us during an event.

After a brief explanation from our Padel master, Mingzhi, we were divided into teams and the game started. After several rounds we reached the final. It was an exciting battle where everyone fought for what he/she was worth! At the end, our colleagues Floris and Edwin were crowned the winners of the beautiful Gateway Sports Day trophy.

After a day full of sporting exertion, we enjoyed a well-deserved drink with delicious pizzas, ice-cold beers and tasty beats. We can't wait for the next one!

Would you like a sports day like this and do you think you can win that trophy? Then come visit us for an introductory meeting and who knows, maybe you'll join us next time 😊

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