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Newsletter DMS December 2023

Everyting there is to know...

Are you up to date with the latest customs changes? The December 2023 Customs DMS Newsletter is packed with crucial updates, which we've summarized for you! Our latest blog post offers a clear and concise summary of everything you need to know about the migration from AGS to DMS 4.0, key deadlines, and the latest developments in electronic messaging.

1. Migration from AGS to DMS 4.0

Progress and Effectiveness: The transition from the AGS declaration system to DMS 4.0 is nearing completion. With 3,161 successful migrations to date, this process demonstrates remarkable efficiency. The transition has been largely seamless, with most software suppliers delivering their schedules on time. Key Changes: This step marks a significant shift from traditional systems such as AGS, GPA, and SPA to the more advanced DMS, promising significant improvements in customs declaration processes.

2. Use of AGS

Important Deadlines: Until December 1, 2023, export declarations through AGS were allowed. After this date, the switch to DMS for all new import declarations is required, a significant step forward in customs declaration procedures. Management of Existing Declarations: AGS remains responsible for handling existing declarations, focusing on a streamlined transition to DMS.

3. Use of DMS

Positive Developments: The implementation of DMS has led to an impressive increase in usage, with over 85% of declarations now being processed through this system. This indicates successful acceptance within the customs community. Process Optimization: However, there is room for improvement, especially in correcting declarations and efficiently submitting documents, which is essential for further optimization of DMS usage.

4. Registration of Electronic Messaging

Urgent Call: A significant number of IIAA permit holders have not yet applied for electronic messaging registration. This registration is crucial to comply with the new requirements of DMS, and its absence can lead to operational delays.

5. Action Framework for DMS Implementation 2024

Tight Timelines: With the EU deadline of January 1, 2024, looming, it is essential that all IIAA permit holders switch to DMS in time. For those who miss this deadline, a clear action plan is required to ensure compliance with regulations.

6. Points of Attention from the DMS 4.1 Pilot

Collaborative Initiative: The 'DMS 4.1 Pilot' is an innovative collaborative project that provides valuable insights and guidelines for a smooth transition to DMS. This initiative is an exemplary case of effective collaboration among various stakeholders in the customs world.

7. New Version of Frequently Asked Questions

Informative Source: An updated version of the FAQ section will be published in January 2024, a must-read for anyone involved in the transition to DMS.

8. Check Your Security Provision

Financial Considerations: The introduction of DMS may require businesses to review their security provisions. This is an important aspect of customs compliance and requires timely attention to avoid disruptions in the transition to DMS.

You can read the complete DMS news from Customs here. 

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