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Proper training is half the battle!

How do you ensure your customers get off to a good start with using your software?

As experts in delivering secure, efficient, and reliable global logistic services, Baosen Suntop Europe sought future-proof customs software. Their objective was to automate all operations, from generating customs declarations to fiscal representation and dispatching invoices with all necessary attachments. We were ultimately selected as their partner, and we couldn't be prouder.

Baosen Training

At Gateway, we recognise that success commences with thorough training. Once the environment is implemented for the client, they are provided with a comprehensive overview and training on the software they will utilise.

On 6th September, we introduced the invoicing and fiscal representation modules to Baosen's customs team. "The training truly offered us a clear picture of Gateway. There's so much to explore within this system," shared Janet Zhu, Deputy Manager at Baosen.

Such training is pivotal as it offers our trainers an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the users. It serves as the ideal moment to address any queries they might have and collectively send the first declaration to Customs or place the first order in the Bonded Warehouse during the training.

Hard work tends to stimulate hunger, so we ensured a delightful lunch to rejuvenate everyone for the subsequent training segment. Beyond the formal training aspects, it also availed them the chance to get acquainted with our team a tad better.

When inquired about her experience with Gateway, Janet remarked, "Gateway provides an all-in-one service. The automation of all customs-related processes by Gateway empowers us to seamlessly extend and upscale our services in the future. The processes within Gateway are neatly structured and efficient, assisting us in enhancing our internal operations. Moreover, the colleagues at Gateway are supportive, responsive, and truly pleasant."

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