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Register your provisions and bunkers via the Single Window

Streamline your provisioning and bunkering processes with our import & export software

Do you regularly bring supplies or bunkers on board a sea vessel? Then you must first inform this to Customs via the Single Window. In Gateway, you can efficiently and accurately handle the provisioning (PRO) notification, ensuring that the goods are promptly brought on board. It is crucial to comply with customs requirements to facilitate a smooth provisioning and bunkering process, especially when a sea vessel is awaiting the goods.

Provisions Message via Single Window

What is provisioning?

Provisioning involves supplying provisions to outgoing sea vessels or aircraft in international traffic. These goods are intended for use, consumption, or sale on board, particularly foodstuffs and items for sale on board. Goods that are part of the cargo are not considered bunkers.

What is bunkering?

Bunkering refers to the delivery of fuels necessary for the propulsion, lubrication, and operation of the sea vessel or aircraft. It predominantly involves mineral oils and lubricants. Like provisioning, goods that are part of the cargo are not considered bunkers.

Submitting PRO notification

Pre-notifications of provisioning or bunkering are made via the electronic 'PRO message' through the Single Window for maritime and air transport. These notifications must be submitted at least two hours before the actual delivery on board and must contain essential information about the delivery. This applies to both provisioners and ship suppliers. These prior notifications enable an efficient and streamlined supply process, ensuring compliance with customs regulations.

Following the notification, and if Customs has not indicated a need for inspection, you are automatically granted for the delivery of the supplies. Submitting a notification in the prescribed PRO format, including the time of submission, is the policy of the inspector and authorizes the goods to be brought directly to the ship without the need for physical arrival at the customs office of departure. After submitting your notification, Customs may request digital evidence.

Central Provisions Reporting Point

The Central Provisions Reporting Point (CMP, in Dutch “Centraal Meldpunt Proviand”) serves as the national reporting point for all provisioning and bunkering transactions. The CMP receives pre-notifications of deliveries through the Single Window for maritime and air transport and handles customs formalities. This coordination centre plays a crucial role in ensuring compliance with regulations and the smooth handling of deliveries.

Customs process for provisioning

Both goods with non-Union status and goods with Union status can be delivered as provisions. Provisions are delivered to sea vessels or aircraft under customs processes for export or customs transit. If the provision deliveries fall under the (re)export scheme, you will automatically receive the 'Confirmation of exit' message, eliminating the need to submit a declaration. If the deliveries fall under the customs transit scheme and you have an 'Authorized consignee permit', you do not need to submit the accompanying document. Without this permit, you must deregister the shipment in the usual manner at the Central Provisions Reporting Point.

Customs Software for Provisioning

With our customs software, you can easily prepare and submit a PRO message to Customs. The status of the PRO message can be tracked, and if necessary, the message can be modified within 24 hours of submission. This automated approach minimizes errors and delays, simplifying compliance with customs obligations. Provisioning is also seamlessly integrated with our (re)export and customs transit modules.

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