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The Veterinary Import Process with NVWA: CHED Import

How to register for the import of living animals and animal products?

When shipments of animals and goods subject to official controls are imported through a border control post in the Netherlands, it is essential for the responsible operator to notify the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) at least one working day before the expected arrival by submitting a CHED document.

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What is a CHED document?

CHED stands for Common Health Entry Document (in Dutch, “GGB” for “Gemeenschappelijk Gezondheidsdocument van Binnenkomst”). For each shipment, this document must be submitted via the national systems of the NVWA. After submitting the CHED, you will be kept informed of the performed controls and the decision regarding admission.

If the shipment meets the health requirements of the destination country, a veterinary certificate is issued. The responsible operator must submit a CHED for each shipment to the NVWA. There are specific CHEDs for animal products (CHED-P), for animals (CHED-A), and for feed and food of non-animal origin (CHED-D).

The CHED registration must be made through the national systems of the NVWA, which further provides information to TRACES NT, the system of the European Commission.

🍅 For the importation of plants and plant products, you need to submit a CHED-PP (or PD) document to the NVWA. For more details, you can read The Phytosanitary Import Process with NVWA's CLIETN Import

What do you need before submitting the CHED?

To submit CHEDs electronically via the national systems of the NVWA, you need the following:

  1. A customer number, which can be requested from the NVWA.
  2. Consent for electronic pre-notification from the NVWA, requested from the NVWA.
  3. The right customs software linked to the NVWA and a connection to the HTG.

For more information, please consult the NVWA website directly.

Gateway: the ideal software for your veterinary import

Gateway is a leading customs software directly linked to both Customs and NVWA. With Gateway, you can easily notify veterinary shipments and track inspection status. Requesting a veterinary inspection seamlessly converts into a DMS import declaration and vice versa. Additionally, Gateway provides validation support to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your CHED Import documents before submitting them to the NVWA.

The veterinary import process with NVWA

The CHED documents must be electronically submitted to the NVWA via the national systems of the NVWA. You can do this via Gateway or other customs software of your choice. After submitting a CHED, you will receive electronic status messages about the controls and decisions carried out by the NVWA.

After the controls are performed, the official veterinarian of the NVWA at the respective inspection center makes a decision regarding the shipment. This decision can be either admitted or refused. If the shipment is admitted, it is veterinarily free for the entire European Union. You can then submit customs declarations to Customs for the importation of your veterinary shipments.

With Gateway, you improve the efficiency of your customs and veterinary processes. Interested in how Gateway can automate your veterinary import process? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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