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Transitioning from ECS to AES

A Comprehensive Guide for EU Exporters

Exporting goods beyond the EU boundaries? For businesses involved in the export industry or those advocating for EU exporters, it's paramount to stay updated about the pivotal shift from the ECS system to the AES platform, scheduled between 8th May and 30th September 2023.

AES Exit

The AES system heralds cutting-edge enhancements in the declaration procedures for goods leaving the EU. Familiar with the older ECS model? There's a silver lining: As a Trader at Exit (TaE), you have the flexibility to log arrival alerts across both platforms. But a heads-up – post 30th September 2023, AES will be the only game in town.

Key Updates in the EU Goods Declaration Procedure

AAX Message Introduction

When managing outgoing goods via AES, the AAX message becomes essential, paving the way for streamlined communication with Customs.

Waving Goodbye to Automatic Arrival Notifications

The days of automatic alerts are numbered when the customs points for both export and exit converge. Without an AES alert, don't expect a CoE (Confirmation of Exit).

Mandatory Heads-Up for ATD Ship

In the revamped system, it's mandatory to send arrival notices for ships marked with Actual Time Departure (ATD).

Fresh Protocols for Goods in Temporary Storage (RTO)

Venturing into an RTO (Room for Temporary Storage) arena? Stay abreast with the latest, including the nuances of the REN message and the EXD filing process.

At Gateway, we're at the forefront, gearing our esteemed clients for the seamless transition to AES. Prepped for this imminent shift in EU export regulations? Ensure you're in line with every AES mandate. For an in-depth overview or tailored assistance as you navigate this change, reach out to our expert team.

Additionally, you can also view the Questions and Andwers about AES Exit at the Dutch Customs' website. 

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