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Use the Right Origin Documents and Save Costs

Navigate the maze of export documents with Gateway for efficiency and cost saving

When exporting goods, having the correct origin documents is essential. These export documents ensure that your goods can reach their destination country smoothly and that your customer does not have to pay unnecessary taxes.

EU free trade agreements

From the Certificate of Origin (CvO) to the EUR1 certificate, there are various types of origin documents, and which document is needed depends on the destination and nature of the goods. Some documents may be required to pay fewer import duties, while others are necessary due to trade policy measures such as embargoes or import quotas. Let's take a look at the main origin documents and how Gateway can assist you.

EUR1 Certificate

The EUR1 certificate, officially known as the Certificate of Movement EUR.1, may entitle products manufactured within the EU and exported to countries with which the EU has trade agreements to a discount or exemption from import duties. By demonstrating the preferential origin of the products with this certificate, the importer can benefit from financial advantages. The application for the EUR1 certificate is verified by the Chamber of Commerce (CoC) and requires the correct evidence, such as a supplier declaration indicating the origin. After approval by the CoC, the certificate is stamped by Customs for use in export.

EUR-MED Certificate

The EUR-MED certificate, officially known as the Certificate of Movement EUR-MED, offers similar benefits to the EUR1 certificate by allowing for a reduction or exemption from import duties. It is used for trade with countries covered by the Pan-Euro-Mediterranean Agreement (PEM), allowing raw materials and products of preferential origin from multiple countries to be cumulated. This means that products manufactured in different countries can be combined into one preferential origin, which is not possible with an EUR1 certificate. The application and verification of an EUR-MED certificate proceed similarly to those of an EUR1 certificate, with the CoC verifying the origin of the goods before the certificate is stamped by Customs for use in export.

Certificate of Origin

A Certificate of Origin (CvO) is used for trade policy reasons, especially in countries outside the EU. The document indicates where products are manufactured and is required by local authorities to prevent products from countries subject to trade policy measures. Customers may demand a CvO to comply with the requirements of their country. The absence of a CvO can lead to delays in the customs clearance of the shipment and delivery to the customer. Even customers within the EU may sometimes require a CvO, especially when forwarding orders to countries outside the EU, where the CO is used as evidence of the origin of the goods. For exports to countries with a trade agreement with the EU, an EUR1 certificate is usually used.

ATR Certificate

An ATR certificate is specific to trade between EU member states and Turkey and serves as a proof of origin document. It confirms that the goods originate from the EU or Turkey, usually exempting them from import duties in Turkey. It is validated by Customs upon export and must be submitted together with the export declaration to Dutch Customs. After validation by Dutch Customs, the ATR certificate is valid for four months, during which time import declaration in Turkey can be made.

Invoice Declaration

An invoice declaration is an explanatory text on the sales invoice indicating that the products are manufactured in the EU. This may allow the customer outside the EU to pay little or no import duties. The use of an invoice declaration is limited to countries with which the EU has a trade agreement and requires that the products are made in the EU according to preferential origin requirements. You can use an invoice declaration for a shipment with a value of up to 6,000 euros. If the invoice amount exceeds 6,000 euros, you will need the Authorized Exporter (AE) authorization or the REX registration number (Registered Exporter). You create an invoice declaration on your own. You do not request it from the CoC.

Customs Software for Origin Documents

The customs software solution of Gateway simplifies and accelerates the application for origin documents. By using the existent available customs data in your customs declarations, all required documents can be prepared with just a few clicks. Reusing customs data reduces manual work and minimizes errors. You can easily provide all the required information to the Chamber of Commerce and quickly receive the origin documents.

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