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Gateway Extra Information Session DMS4.0

Who, what, when, why, where and how?

A lot is happening in the development of DMS 4.0 and the end of the project is near. In order to inform and prepare our customers as well as possible, we have organized an additional information session about DMS 4.0. Below is a brief summary of the topics discussed.

Transition to DMS 4.0 and DMS 4.1

The transition from DMS4.0 is planned in the customs planning tool. Gateway will contact you to schedule appointments in individual phases. In November 2022, we will have the first customer to “go live” with DMS 4.0, followed by other customers.

The transition from DMS 4.1 is individually planned as “custom”. Gateway contacts customers to schedule appointments so they too will have a smooth transition.

For the transition to DMS 4.1, all IIAA license holders must choose from 3 scenarios. Do you find it difficult to understand what is meant by those choices? Then read our blog article DMS 4.1 scenarios for IIAA license holders

Transition Timetable

The transition from DMS 4.0 follows Customs' planning. Below are the details for different period.

November 17 to 25, 2022: Import
9 to 23 January 2023: Import/Export/Storage
February 6 to 10, 2023: Import/Export/Storage
February 20 to March 3, 2023: Import/Export/Storage
March 13 to May 5, 2023: Import/Export/Storage

The transition from DMS 4.1 is being organised. We approach our DMS 4.1 customers individually to make appointments. Everyone must be switched to DMS 4.1 by May or June 2023.

Note: the transition to DMS 4.0 and DMS 4.1 will be done at once for everyone.

Gateway's work

What do we do to unburden our customer?

We inventory all customer reports and links, adjust them where necessary and test them extensively. We also install and implement the latest version, taking into account the processes involved, such as invoicing. In order to give our customers an even better start with DMS4.0, we are currently making instructional videos.

Cost of the transition

The transition procedure for our customers, who work in our Gateway in the Cloud (GWITC) environment, is very simple and smooth. Our GWITC customers pay no implementation costs. They only have to pay the monthly “Pay-Per-Use” (PPU) fees.

For our customers, who do not work in our GWITC environment, we carry out the work in their environment. These customers pay the implementation costs in addition to the monthly costs. Alternatively, they can also decide not to pay implementation costs if they opt for higher PPU costs.

In October we will contact everyone about individual costs and rates.

Are you unsure whether you want to work with us in the Cloud? There are many benefits to our GWITC environment!

Secure - Microsoft Azure's MFA and IP listing provide you with additional security.

Flexible - Our Dynamic Scalability functionality ensures that the software and infrastructure grows and shrinks as needed.

Transparent - Because the system grows and shrinks with you, you only pay for what you use and this can be related 1-on-1 to the invoice you send your customer.

Up-To-Date - Always get the latest version and our Gateway Application Management for free.

Data - Your data, in your own database, always remains yours.

Indicate before September 30, 2022 that you want to work in the Gateway Cloud, and we will transfer you completely free of charge!

Fall back procedure

In exceptional cases, we may not be able to continue. In that case it is possible to go back to AGS until the problem is solved. In this way you are assured of continuity of your work. Thanks to our good relationship with Customs, we can act quickly and ensure that you too can use the new declaration system.

We hope this summary of the Gateway Extra DMS Information Session is helpful to you. If you have more questions about the transition, please contact us. 

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