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Your carefree system for Bonded Warehouse & DMS 4.1

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Do you deal with a Bonded Warehouse (in Dutch "Douane Entrepot")? Do you make use of GPA (Automated Periodic Declaration), DIN/DEN, or any other IIAA / EIDR (Entry in the Declarant’s Records) permit? Then Gateway has a perfect all-in software solution for managing your bonded warehouse and all IIAA administrations.

The trustable Bonded Warehouse system

You can postpone the payment of import duties and other charges till the moment of bringing them into free circulation by using a bonded warehouse. This brings a lot of economic benefits, but also administrative obligations from the Customs. No matter which type of bonded warehouse you have, Gateway can help you fulfil all the requirements.

The bonded warehouse process is completely integrated in Gateway with the other processes, such as Transit/NCTS (New Computerised Transit System), AGS (Declaration System), and of course the new DMS (Customs Declaration Management System). Gateway pre-registers the goods information in advance. At the moment of the physical arrival, Gateway writes off the MRN of the corresponding Transit declaration, and brings the goods from the customs flow into the bonded warehouse flow. At any moment, you always have a clear overview of the value, status, stock, and procedure of your bonded goods. With one click at the button, you can also generate different kinds of reports for you and the Customs.  

Gateway can accurately administrate the free goods and the bonded goods. When you need to deliver goods out of a bonded warehouse, Gateway can also support in collecting the goods from the correct stock. If you are using a warehouse management system (WMS) or any other kind of system, Gateway can also build up interfaces to provide you a smooth and efficient user experience.  

From Bonded Warehouse to automated customs clearance  

Many companies who have bonded warehouses currently also make use of GPA. With this process, they don’t need to pay for import duties and other charges separately, but only one time every month afterwards. This can be financially very useful, but also demands a lot of administration. Gateway tracks down all customs activities in your bonded warehouse and features an complete overview of customs goods. From Gateway, you can easily complete your monthly declarations of GPA. After the launch of DMS 4.1, Gateway will also support our clients with DMS 4.1 together with IIAA processes.

Carefree transition from GPA to DMS 4.1

DMS 4.1 will replace the current GPA and SPA next year. This has big impacts on several processes of the IIAA permits. Gateway is well-prepared to provide our current clients and new clients a smooth and safe transition to the new system. Our Bonded Warehouse will be integrated with DMS, and new functions such as presentation message, additional declaration, Auditfile Stock can all be automatically generated in Gateway.

Recently, the Customs has announced the delay of the transition to DMS. Gateway is in active contact with the Customs, the ADS (Alliance Customs Software), and other parties to confirm the new planning as soon as possible.

Scenarios of current IIAA-permit holders

Are you a IIAA-permit holder? Have you already made your choice of which scenario to apply to you in the new DMS? No matter if you have decided to end your IIAA-permit, to keep the permit, or to make use of the so-called Chain Regulation (in Dutch: Ketenregeling), Gateway can support your process. If you still have questions about the differences and requirements of the scenarios, then read our article DMS 4.1 scenarios for IIAA licensees

Auditfile, what is it?

In the new DMS, the Auditfile will replace the previously required stock statement in GPA. Declarants with multiple IIAA-permits who want to use the Chain Regulation must also make the Auditfile. The Auditfile is therefore compulsory for all companies that have chosen scenario 3 in the new DMS. Once you transition to DMS, you can directly from Gateway automatically generate the Auditfile that is required by the Customs.

Would you like to know more about the Bonded Warehouse and DMS 4.1 in Gateway? Don't hesitate to contact us for your free consultation.

We look forward to becoming your partner in customs software.

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