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Register Your Containers with Portbase at Ease

Automate your Portbase MID and MED processes with Gateway

Whether you are importing to or exporting from the European Union through Dutch seaports, it is essential to correctly and promptly register your containers with Portbase. This not only saves you time but also maximizes cost savings. However, this process can pose a challenge. Gateway assists you in automating your Portbase processes through integration between our customs software and Portbase.

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Portbase: The platform in Dutch ports

Portbase is the digital community system that serves as the hub for the exchange of logistical information in Dutch ports. With Rotterdam and Amsterdam as significant global trade centers, Portbase is invaluable for the smooth flow of containers. Every container entering or leaving the port must be mandatory registered with Portbase. However, this poses additional administrative burdens for companies if they manage the process manually.

Gateway: Certified software partner of Portbase

Gateway is a reliable customs software partner to streamline and simplify your Portbase processes. As a recognised Software Partner of Portbase, we offer advanced customs software solution that seamlessly integrates with Portbase. This enables you to submit your container notifications directly to all terminals, without additional manual steps. With our integrated solutions, you can focus on growing your business while we ensure smooth and efficient communication with Portbase. 

Import and Export Documentation Notification

With Gateway's Notification Import Documentation MID) and Notification Export Documentation (MED), you can easily pre-register your shipments for import and export at deepsea, shortsea, and ferry terminals. Whether it's electronically transmitting documents for import shipments or expediting the handling of export containers, our customs software provides a reliable and efficient solution.

Success through reuse of your customs data

Gateway automates the preparation of the complete Portbase message based on your customs pre-declaration, eliminating not only manual entry but also ensuring the consistency and accuracy of your shipment data. Note that Customs matches your Portbase messages with all related customs declarations. If there’s any inconsistency, your logistic process will be delayed. Additionally, we provide real-time insight into the status of each container, allowing you to maintain control over your import and export shipments. Furthermore, we send notifications if there is a risk of something being forgotten, enabling you to proactively intervene and resolve any issues before they arise.

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Gateway Software is ready to support you in simplifying, accelerating, and optimizing your container handling processes. Through the integration of our software with Portbase and our commitment to excellence in service, we strive to ensure your success in an increasingly complex and challenging logistics environment.

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